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Personalized Therapeutic Yoga

  • Get a specially designed evidence-based yoga protocol to suit your individual needs
  • One-on-one classes ensure you get the undivided attention of your instructor
  • Learn yoga from a certified yoga physician
  • All classes are online at flexible timings. Meet your doctor from the comfort of your home
  • Avail natural medicine consultation and diet counselling

Know your yoga physician

Dr Krithika A Ramaswamy has graduated BNYS from S-VYASA University, Bangalore with four gold medals for overall topper, topper in yoga, naturopathy and modern medical subjects.

She is currently pursuing MD in Clinical Yoga under RGUHS, Bangalore.

She is passionate about studying the power of the human mind and the role it plays in healing. She specializes in stress management and sleep medicine.

Yoga Camps Conducted By Dr Krithika

In the picture: Yoga instructor Dr Krithika, Staff members of ISRO.

Conducting a yoga camp at ISRO, Bangalore on the occasion of International Day of Yoga.

In the picture: Staff members of BEL, Yoga instructor Dr Krithika A Ramaswamy, Yoga physician Dr Ranjitha Raj

Yoga training for BEL staff members.

In the picture(left to right): Finance officer Zohra Jabeen, Director RGUHS Mrs Pushpa Sarkar, Vice-chancellor RGUHS Dr Sachidananda, Registrar Dr Shivanand Kapashi, Yoga instructor Dr Aniruddha B Arya, Yoga instructor Dr Krithika A Ramaswamy. 

Conducting a Yoga Camp for the staff of RGUHS, Bangalore.